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After two dozen years of living in New York City I have experienced how city life can wear down the spirit. The intense competition, the bustle of streets and subways, and the ever-spiraling expenses take a toll on many people. But there is always the promise of renewal, particularly in the spring when the weather turns fair and the flowers bloom.

For this post I present images from Manhattan’s parks and streets in the first weeks of April. There is the Easter Parade on Fifth Avenue which is bursting with color. New Yorkers from all walks of life turn out to light up the street with brightly decorated hats and a variety of clothing ranging from vintage upscale finery to the bizarre.

I also present photos from Madison Square at the intersection of 23rd and Broadway, where the stately Flatiron and Met Life buildings hold court over the park that used to be a military parade ground. Here I found a plein air painting class, with artists preserving ephemeral views of bursting foliage.

Further downtown in Gramercy Park, a statue of thespian Edwin Booth watches over bright red tulips which from a distance mimicked a bed of hot coals. Uptown in the center median of Park Avenue, forests of yellow tulips seemed like places New York City taxis could hide.

Then there is the bridle path in Central Park, where horses have given way to runners and dog walkers, and blooming cherry trees impart a surreal and heavenly glow.  Coming from the busy streets onto this lane in springtime is like entering another world.

I am lucky to live in this great city, where the constantly changing scenery regularly brings flashes of inspiration that pierce the daily routine.

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  • 05/01/2012, 7:20 pm  Reply

    Spring is one of my most favorite season of the year, next to summer! It’s nice to hear that Manhattan is now enjoying spring. The flowers in the photo remind me of the flowers in condos downtown Austin, with their beautiful and colorful blooms.

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