I received so many inquiries about resources for skin assessment in the nursing home that I devoted this blog post to providing links and downloads useful to wound care clinicians.  Below you can access PDFs which contain important information related to skin, pressure ulcer, and wound assessment that will be helpful to nurses, doctors, medical directors, inservice directors, MDS coordinators, and anyone else interested in this very important topic.  As you probably know, the revised Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) version 3.0 along with Minimum Data Set (MDS) 3.0 will be going into effect for Medicare certified skilled nursing facilities across America beginning October 1, 2010.

The RAI Manual chapter for MDS 3.0 Section M: Skin Conditions can be downloaded from this link.  It contains complete guidelines for completion of the skin assessment section.  This is a large file (almost 2 MB) and is current as of May 25, 2010:

[download id=”7″]

The data entry pages for MDS 3.0 Section M: Skin Conditions can be downloaded from this link:

[download id=”8″]

For those who need information on Guidance for Surveyors on pressure ulcers and skin care, the entire text of F Tag 314 can be downloaded from this link:

[download id=”9″]

As a study aid, I compiled a list of subsections from Section M: Skin Conditions.  I recommend that this list be memorized by all wound care clinicians in nursing homes who must prepare data for entry into the MDS:

[download id=”10″]

For clinicians who are looking for a resource on avoidable vs unavoidable pressure ulcers, download this article.  This research study was done in hospitals but may provide a conceptual framework for determining when a pressure ulcer is unavoidable:

For clinicians who need a pictorial resource for staging of pressure ulcers and wound identification, you can purchase a copy of my Document Dermis™ Pocket Guide to Pressure Ulcers: How to Classify, Stage, and Document Pressure Ulcers and Other Common Wounds, co-authored with Elizabeth A. Ayello RN, PhD. Copies can be purchased directly from the New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHA) website. To read more about the Document Dermis™ Pressure Ulcer Guide click here.   

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