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New Year’s Day Sketching the Q Train Inaugural Ride

New Year’s Day was a rare opportunity to participate in the opening of a new subway station.  The Q line now starts at 96th Street and stops at 86th Street and 72nd – all new stations – before heading toward Coney Island.  After years of construction on Second Avenue the street is now clean and the new stations opened at Noon on January 1st.  I …Read More

Capturing the Bolivian Sunlight in Watercolor

There is nothing like the dazzling sunlight in the Bolivian Highlands.  At 12,000 feet the bustling city of La Paz and the amazing Lake Titicaca have a crisp atmosphere that brightens colors like I’ve never seen.  This post presents a selection of my sketches and watercolors, some done in Bolivia and some completed in my Manhattan studio inspired by my travel experiences. In the bright …Read More

Sketching in Savannah, Georgia

I recently attended a medical conference in Savannah, Georgia, and my stay was supposed to be short, but a huge blizzard coming from the midwest cancelled thousands of flights including mine.  Good thing I brought my sketching supplies, because I was in this charming southern town for another two days! Here is the view from my hotel room: I spent a lot of time in a …Read More

The Masks of Paucartambo

The closing of St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City was a calamity that many thought would never happen. In the Spring of 2010 this busy facility in lower Manhattan ceased to exist and thousands of doctors, nurses, and hospital workers had to look elsewhere for work. Patients served by this venerable and historic institution had to scramble for healthcare. Politicians stood back as the …Read More

Cicada Mania!!

As a child while other boys were busy with Little League and football, I spent hours chasing insects. My favorite was the cicada – a large and lumbering arthropod whose shrill mating call from the high trees marked the long hot days of summer. In China this ungainly creature is a symbol of rebirth, change, and protection against bad luck. It was therefore with great …Read More

Looking at India on the Cover of The Gerontologist

I went to India with the intention of photographing aging, but was unprepared for the intense spirituality, crush of crowded streets, and the depth of poverty. Part of my trip was a visit to the Buddhist pilgrimage site of Bodh Gaya, in the state of Bihar in northeast India. Outside the gates of the sprawling complex of temples was an elderly woman with an imposing …Read More

Ghost Motels of Arizona

Much of the history and romance of America has been bypassed by the Interstate system. This past winter I traveled to Arizona and drove down old Highway 60 from Wickenberg to Quartzite and encountered a living museum of Americana in its defunct roadside motels. A few were repurposed as homes or businesses, but most were abandoned and crumbling.  On a bright sunny day with desert skies …Read More

Faces of Istanbul

 I took these shots last spring after completing a ten day trip through Russia and Central Asia to photograph aging.  I didnt intend to do a lot of picture taking in Istanbul, but the visual lure of this picturesque city got me out with my camera. One of the largest cities in the world, Istanbul is bursting with history and visual delights. Former capital of four …Read More

Quartzite: Where Snowbirds Come to Roost

In my pursuit of growing old in America, this past February I went to Quartzite, Arizona to photograph and talk to the locals. This dusty town off Interstate I-10 is a destination for thousands of elderly retirees seeking an inexpensive getaway from the cold winter months. To my surprise I discovered that Quartzite is a barometer for economic changes affecting the elderly across the United …Read More

Sketching in the Desert

There is no better antidote to the busy streets and crowded subways in Manhattan than a few days in the American Southwest desert. Last weekend I flew to Phoenix, rented a car, and drove to Wickenberg – a cowboy town replete with Saguaro cacti and blazing sunsets. Living in New York City makes a horizon-to-horizon view in complete silence with nobody around an amazing treat. …Read More