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Wound Healing in the Geriatric Patient

I recently served as invited guest editor of a special issue of Today’s Wound Clinic on the aging wound care patient. My lead article is entitled Wound Healing in the Geriatric Patient. Other aging related topics in this issue include nutrition and wound care, and collaboration between outpatient wound clinics and long-term care settings. Read the online version of this article. Read more on my …Read More

The Two Hemispheres of Medicine

Read my autobiographical essay on medicine and art in this piece published in Hektoen International, an online Journal of Medical Humanities.  It includes my experiences with art as a vehicle for dealing with grief. Access this article here.      .

Dakin’s Solution: Past, Present, and Future.

This article on the history of Dakin’s Solution was published in the journal, Advances in Skin & Wound Care.  Dakin’s solution has been used for almost a century for treatment of infected wounds. Developed by a biochemist named Henry Dakin in the early 20th Century, it is a dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite, which is commonly known as household bleach. When properly applied, it can …Read More

Dr. Jeff Levine Speaks on Healthy Aging for Channel 2 News

At age 64 Diana Nyad swam from Cuba to Florida, an event that spurred a flurry of media coverage that included stories on healthy aging.  I happened to be swimming at the New York Health and Racquet Club when a news team came to do a story.  When I mentioned that I was a doctor specializing in geriatrics they added a brief interview with me …Read More

Peripheral Arterial Disease: an Often-Overlooked Cause of Poor Wound Healing

This article was published in Today’s Wound Clinic, Volume 7, Issue 5 (June/July) 2013 and is available on-line. It was authored by myself and Michael Cioroiu MD, FACS, CWS, who is co-director of the Center for Advanced Wound Care at Beth Israel Medical Center. Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) of the lower limbs is often neglected when evaluating reasons for poor wound healing, particularly in elderly patients. …Read More

Improving Communication in the Wound Clinic

8 Steps to Developing a Community-Based Wound Care Team: A Practical Guide for Reaching Beyond Wound Center Walls This article was authored by myself and Michael Cioroiu MD, FACS, CWS, who is co-director of the Center for Advanced Wound Care at Beth Israel Medical Center. By nature of their various (and often multiple) comorbidities, wound care patients reside in a spectrum of healthcare settings. Communication …Read More

New York Times Letter to the Editor on Ageism in the Medical Profession

I wrote this letter to the editor that was published June 5, 2013 in both the print and on-line version of the New York Times.   The subject matter is ageist attitudes among physicians that sometimes get in the way of delivering good care to elderly people.  The letter was written in response to an Op-Ed Piece by Danielle Ofri MD entitled “My Near Miss.“ …Read More

Radio Interview with Dr. Jeff Levine on Photographing Aging Around the World

This interview appeared on Care Diary: Simplifying Life for the Caregiver on Tuesday, January 26, 2013. The host is Margery Papst.   Click here to access the interview.

Pressure Ulcer Knowledge in Medical Residents: An Opportunity for Improvement

This article was published in Advances in Skin & Wound Care: March 2012 – Volume 25 – Issue 3 – p 115–117 My co-authors were:  Elizabeth A. Ayello PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, CWON, MAPWCA, FAAN; Karen Zulkowski,  DNS, RN, CWS; and Joyce Fogel MD, FACP ABSTRACT: With the aging population and increasing complexity of patients with pressure ulcers (also known as pressure sores, decubitus ulcers, or …Read More

Rockefeller Center Photo Makes News

One of my photos recently appeared in Rockefeller Center in a promotion for the Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing. This is the geriatric arm of the NYU College of Nursing, and its mission is to shape the quality of health care of older adults through excellence in nursing practice. The window featured a 93 year old woman from Texas, Edith McAllister, who I recently blogged …Read More