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Caring on the Cover of The Gerontologist

I really like my latest cover on The Gerontologist as it expresses the essence of frailty in old age and the process of caring. I took this picture on a trip to San Antonio in 2012, at a nursing home called Buena Vida Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. This facility is located in a largely Hispanic neighborhood, and its institutional culture is geared toward caring for …Read More

Aging Across America: Exhibit chronicling Americans’ stories stops at Indiana State University

My photography exhibit, Aging Across America, sponsored by a grant from the MetLife Foundation, just finished its last venue at Indiana State University. The exhibit was organized by Tina Kruger, Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Health Sciences, as part of her efforts to build a program in gerontology at the University.  The following article was written by reporter Dianne Francis D. Powell and …Read More

Webinar on Wound Care for Medical Directors in LTC

Later this month I will be giving a free webinar sponsored by McKnights Long-Term Care News & Assisted Living entitled Wound Care: What the Medical Director Needs to Know. This Webinar will be part of McKnights 8th Online Expo, that will feature other webinar topics including MDS 3.0 update, technology in LTC, and survey preparation.  McKnight’s Long-Term Care News is a news magazine serving the institutional …Read More

The Unavoidable Pressure Ulcer Gains Credibility with Geriatrics Practitioners

The 8th Edition of the Geriatric Review Syllabus (GRS8) released this year contains a brief but significant addition to the chapter on pressure ulcers: a section on the unavoidable pressure ulcer. This is the first time an official study guide for the medical specialty of geriatrics acknowledges that pressure ulcers can occur in the regular course of care delivery. The GRS is published by the …Read More

My Mentor in Geriatrics: Leslie S. Libow MD

Were it not for Leslie S. Libow I would not have entered the specialty of Geriatrics. This past weekend at the annual meeting of the American Medical Directors Association (AMDA), I sat in the audience as Dr. Libow received the prestigious James Patee Award for Excellence in Education. Afterward I had the opportunity to schmooze with my former mentor, whose photo is above. In 1983 …Read More

Medical Education, Geriatrics, and the Humanities

The education of today’s physicians cannot be regarded as complete or adequate without substantial exposure to geriatrics.  It is not just the facts of geriatric medicine, but the humanistic aspect of its practice that is important.  Medicine is taught as a cut-and-dry collection of information, taking the humanistic fundamentals and historic background either for granted or with a grain of salt.  Lewis Thomas pointed out …Read More

New Rules for Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment in Nursing Homes

MDS version 3.0, the mandatory assessment tool for residents of skilled nursing facilities, was finally implemented October 2010 after years of planning.  Section M: Skin Condition has been completely revised and expanded.  This blog post will address MDS 3.0 sub-section M0100: Determination of Pressure Ulcer Risk, which approaches “at-risk” status in a much more sophisticated and clinically acceptable manner than past versions, enabling better targeting of preventive …Read More

Pressure Ulcer Prevention for Patients in Wheelchairs

In most cases pressure ulcer prevention can be accomplished by risk assessment followed by common sense choices for pressure reduction.  In these days of evidence based medicine, health care providers need to listen to the evidence and implement best practices to reduce the incidence and prevalence of adverse outcomes such as pressure ulcers. An important research article on pressure ulcer prevention recently came out in …Read More

The Faces of a Generation Deserve Attention

An Essay by Dr. Jerry Winakur [This essay written by author and physician Jerry Winakur is reprinted with permission from Caring for the Ages, a publication of the American Medical Directors Association.  Dr. Winakur is Clinical Professor of Medicine at University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio where my exhibit, Aging Across America, was shown this past winter in the Briscoe Library.] For the …Read More

The Myth of the Mechanical Fall

Recently on hospital teaching rounds a medical resident presented an elderly man who fell.  The patient suffered no fall-related injuries but was diagnosed with pneumonia and congestive heart failure.  The resident called the event a “mechanical fall,” and the interns and residents nodded in agreement regarding the assessment and plan.   When I questioned the young doctor, he did not ask about gait and balance, did not …Read More