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Aging Across America: Exhibit chronicling Americans’ stories stops at Indiana State University

My photography exhibit, Aging Across America, sponsored by a grant from the MetLife Foundation, just finished its last venue at Indiana State University. The exhibit was organized by Tina Kruger, Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Health Sciences, as part of her efforts to build a program in gerontology at the University.  The following article was written by reporter Dianne Francis D. Powell and …Read More

Philippe Pinel and the Lunar Society in New Jersey

Last week I had the opportunity to give a lecture at the Lunar Society – an offshoot of the Medical History Society of New Jersey – on the campus of Rutgers University in New Brunswick. The Lunar Society is named after a British social club in the 18th century which was composed of a group of intellectuals who enjoyed exchanging ideas. According to scholar Michael …Read More

More Snow in Manhattan!

As the sixth storm of the season dumps more snow on the northeast, most of us are getting a little tired of looking at it. Two of the storms came as arctic blasts and introduced new verbiage in the form of the ‘polar vortex’ to our daily lives.  But life goes on in Manhattan as plunging temperatures, biting winds, and falling snow add an element of quiet …Read More

Sketching the French Quarter

I recently went to New Orleans to attend the Gerontological Society of America (GSA) annual meeting to get updated on the latest science and research on the vast subject of aging. I couldn’t help but take my sketchbook, and every morning spent some time wandering in the French Quarter before the crowds of tourists arrived to enjoy the mist, fog, and mystery of this incredible …Read More

Tragedy at 5 POINTZ

This past weekend I bicycled across the Queensboro Bridge to photograph 5 POINTZ, the dilapidated factory building covered with graffiti. I had just learned that a federal judge denied a request for an injunction to block demolition of this building to make way for a glass walled tower of condos, and the developers planned to raze the structure. I turned on the news tonight to see …Read More

The Masks of Paucartambo

The closing of St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City was a calamity that many thought would never happen. In the Spring of 2010 this busy facility in lower Manhattan ceased to exist and thousands of doctors, nurses, and hospital workers had to look elsewhere for work. Patients served by this venerable and historic institution had to scramble for healthcare. Politicians stood back as the …Read More

Sukkot at the Sages

One of my artistic influences is a man named Leon Israel. Born in 1887, he came from Pinsk, Russia in 1905 and made a living drawing cartoons for the Jewish Daily Forward. His sketches were published in a book entitled The East Side in Pictures, which captured elderly Jews selling goods from pushcarts and going about their daily life as poor immigrants in New York …Read More

Looking at Sturgis on the Cover of The Gerontologist

The Gerontologist (TG) has published my photographs on the cover since 1995. The image on the recent June/July issue features an aging biker named Zip taken in South Dakota at the Sturgis motorcycle rally. I went there in August of 2011 in my continued quest to document the changing image of aging in America and in different cultures throughout the world. I started this project two …Read More

Sketching on the Lower East Side

This past Labor Day 2013 I had a relaxing afternoon with a friend, meeting him on the Lower East Side for lunch. We feasted on pickles, pastrami, and gefilte fish. Afterward we wandered the streets reflecting on the history and changes to the area when we came across Freeman’s Alley, on Rivington between Bowery and Chrystie Streets. It was about to rain, but I couldn’t resist …Read More

Photographing Letchworth Village

We often think that medical progress marches in a straight line, but that is not the case.  Some ideas change the field rapidly, while others sit by the sidelines for decades before being accepted.  Others are accepted by the medical profession like a fad only to fall into disrepute.  Such is the case of Letchworth Village.  Once a model institution for the mentally disabled, Letchworth …Read More