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Victory Day in Moscow: Part II

It was Victory Day in Moscow, May 9, 2012 – the day that commemorates Russian triumph over the Nazi regime after a long and bloody war.  I went there to take pictures. The day started with clouds and rain but by noon the sun was gleaming off the massive columns of the Bolshoi Theater. Water splashed in the fountain as elderly veterans milled about collecting roses, …Read More

Research Links Nursing Home Staffing to Death from Viral Gastroenteritis

Low staffing levels in nursing homes have long been linked to adverse outcomes such as pressure ulcers, urinary tract infections (UTIs), weight loss, dehydration, and deterioration in ADL’s, but new research published in the latest issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association links mortality from viral gastroenteritis to nurse-to-patient ratios. This is the first time this outcome is linked to RN staffing levels …Read More

Jubilation and Aging Hippies in Times Square

As it became clear that Obama was going to win the Presidential race, I grabbed my camera and headed to Times Square to photograph the celebrating crowds. To my delighted surprise I ran into an old friend – an aging left wing activist and hippie named Aron Kay who was infamously known as Pie Man. Aron is a holdout from the radicals of the 1960’s. …Read More

9/11, Hurricane Sandy, and a Weeping Willow Tree

Trees are extremely precious commodities in Manhattan, and it makes me sad whenever I see one come down. I was extra saddened this morning on the FDR Drive when I noticed a favorite weeping willow tree partially toppled by Hurricane Sandy. I didn’t have my camera so I picked it up from my office and got back on the highway to take the shots posted …Read More

Manhattan After the Hurricane

My office downtown is dark with no phone service or water, but I am thankful because my home is intact and we have electricity. Not so for many people whose lives have been upended by this historic, devastating storm. I took my camera out in the storm’s aftermath to see joggers on a closed FDR Drive and downed trees all over the City. I stopped …Read More