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Archive for August, 2012

Visiting Doctor Chekhov

I’ve spent a lot of time studying physicians who were also successful artists, poets, and writers. Examining their work and lives, I try to decipher how they succeeded in two challenging careers during the same lifetime. With this in mind, on a recent trip to Moscow to photograph aging I made a point of visiting Dr. Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Born in 1860 in a small town …Read More

MetLife Foundation Funds Exhibit on Aging

MetLife Foundation has awarded the Society for the Arts in Healthcare a grant to support the US-based tour of Aging Across America, a series of photographs by gerontologist and photographer Jeffrey Levine, MD. The focus of the year-long tour, which will visit six teaching hospitals across the country, is to raise visibility regarding the issues affecting older adults, the nation’s fastest-growing demographic. Dr. Levine’s medical …Read More

An Unexpected Religious Festival in India

There are moments in travel when the mundane turns magical. This happens a lot in India, a country rich with ritual, mysticism and prayer where I was searching for new images of aging in the Fall of 2011. Unexpectedly at dawn I stumbled into a Hindu festival known as Chhath Puja (pronounced Chat Poo-ja). I was in eastern India in the Buddhist pilgrimmage town of Bodh Gaya …Read More