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Archive for July, 2012

New Research Fuels Discussion on Feeding Tubes and Pressure Ulcers

The medical literature concerning patients with advanced dementia has consistently shown that feeding tubes provide little benefit. Complications of feeding tubes can include aspiration pneumonia, diarrhea, agitation, need for physical and chemical restraint, and insertion complications such as wound infection. A new article has shown that feeding tubes can increase risk for pressure ulcers, and do not promote healing of pre-existing ulcers. This article will fuel discussion not …Read More

Umbrella Symphony in Manhattan

Last week I was caught in a summer downpour in lower Manhattan after I left the office late in the afternoon. I was wet and uncomfortable, and fatigued after attending to patients for most of the day. Like other New Yorkers trying to get home, I was rushing to the subway with my head down and my umbrella dripping. Suddenly I stopped, lifted my head, and …Read More

Inspiration in Central Park with Achilles International

Inspiration is wherever you find it, and on Sunday morning of June 24th there was plenty in Central Park. I was on my usual bike ride around the loop and discovered that the Achilles International event called the Hope and Possibility Race was about to take place. I cut my ride short and rode back to my apartment, returning with my camera equipment. I was …Read More

Webinar: Explorations in Medicine & Art

On Thursday, July 19th I will be privileged to present in the Society for the Arts in Healthcare’s 2012 webinar series, sponsored by the National Endowment for the Arts. This webinar is part of a series on Arts in Healthcare Program Management that includes live, interactive online visuals. The cost is discounted for members, but anyone can sign up. The title of my session is …Read More

Revisiting St. Vincent’s Hospital

I took a walk past St. Vincent’s Hospital the other day. It was surrounded by fences, boards, and warning signs pending demolition of some buildings and renovation of others. The place I used to go for coffee before making rounds is now a Duane Reade. I felt a bit sad, having worked there doing geriatric consultations, seeing wound care patients, and teaching students and residents for …Read More

The Flag Ladies of Freeport, Maine

When I heard about the Flag Ladies of Freeport, Maine I knew I had to photograph them. I saw their photos on-line and was impressed with their unique expression of patriotism. This past fall as the trees were beginning to turn, I grabbed my camera and flew to Boston where I rented a car and drove several hours to the hometown of JoAnn, Elaine, and …Read More