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Archive for November, 2011

City Diary: Manhattan Loses an Artistic Landmark

It was quirky, and not even that pretty, but I liked it and now its gone.  So many of Manhattan’s artistic landmarks have been obliterated in the past decade, knocked down or covered up by drab glass walled buildings, and this is one of them. I photogaphed it in 2008 when condo construction began, and again recently after it was covered up. I am talking about …Read More

The Twilight of Jewish South Beach, Miami

When I was growing up, my grandparents wintered in Miami.   I remember visiting them and feeling the warm sunshine and sand that sometimes scalded your feet when days were hot.  In 1985 while training in geriatrics in New York City, I returned to Miami to photograph the aging Jewish retirees.  Little did I know that I was recording the twilight of Jewish South Beach.  These …Read More