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Archive for August, 2011

New Rules for Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment in Nursing Homes

MDS version 3.0, the mandatory assessment tool for residents of skilled nursing facilities, was finally implemented October 2010 after years of planning.  Section M: Skin Condition has been completely revised and expanded.  This blog post will address MDS 3.0 sub-section M0100: Determination of Pressure Ulcer Risk, which approaches “at-risk” status in a much more sophisticated and clinically acceptable manner than past versions, enabling better targeting of preventive …Read More

Government Study Cites Flawed Medical Device Approval Process

FACT: Many wound-care products are considered “medical devices” with limited data on efficacy. A new study released by the Institute of Medicine points out that the FDA’s approval process for medical devices is flawed.  Medical devices include high profile items such as hip replacements, but this class of products also contains many items on the market to treat chronic wounds.  The New York Times noted that even …Read More