Month: January 2011

Aging Across America Goes to San Antonio

My new photo exhibit, Aging Across America, will make its debut at the Center for Medical Humanities and Ethics at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio in February 2011. Directed by Ruth Bergrren MD whose background is Internal Medicine and Infectious Disease,


White House Backtracks on Payment for End-of-Life Counseling

Medical doctors are trained to understand and administer powerful technologies which can prolong life.  They get paid to do this.  But should they also get paid to inform patients of alternatives if they do not want these technologies?  The Obama administration has said no to this question.  During


Common Questions on Coding for MDS 3.0 Section M: Skin Conditions

I recently gave another training session for nursing home professionals for MDS 3.0 Section M: Skin Conditions.  In the audience were nurses, directors of nursing, administrators, MDS coordinators and a smattering of physical therapists, doctors, and social workers.  After the didactic I fielded questions and decided


Art, Geriatrics, and Venice Beach

  I have been coming to Venice Beach since the mid 1990’s, to chill out and enjoy the California sunshine.  Even though I live in New York City, a good part of my life has revolved around this gritty enclave on the edge of Los Angeles.  


Dr. Jeffrey M. Levine has authored numerous articles on topics related to healthcare of the elderly. These include medical history, prevention and treatment of chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers, elder neglect and abuse, and physical restraints. He has also edited a book on legal and regulatory aspects of nursing homes.