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The Corpus Callosum, Buddha’s Enlightenment, and the Neurologic Basis for Creativity

My goal is to combine medicine and art, so I’ve thought a lot about the neurobiology of creativity.  The corpus callosum is the thick bundle of 200 million nerve fibers that forms the communication network between the left brain and right brain. The left brain is the seat of rationality, science, and math, while the right brain gives us our intuition and artistic expression. Neuroscientists have …Read More

City Diary: Manhattan Loses an Artistic Landmark

It was quirky, and not even that pretty, but I liked it and now its gone.  So many of Manhattan’s artistic landmarks have been obliterated in the past decade, knocked down or covered up by drab glass walled buildings, and this is one of them. I photogaphed it in 2008 when condo construction began, and again recently after it was covered up. I am talking about …Read More

The Twilight of Jewish South Beach, Miami

When I was growing up, my grandparents wintered in Miami.   I remember visiting them and feeling the warm sunshine and sand that sometimes scalded your feet when days were hot.  In 1985 while training in geriatrics in New York City, I returned to Miami to photograph the aging Jewish retirees.  Little did I know that I was recording the twilight of Jewish South Beach.  These …Read More

Folk Legend Pete Seeger Joins Occupy Wall Street March

When I heard the news late Friday evening that 92 year old folk singing legend Pete Seeger was participating in an Occupy Wall Street rally on the West Side of Manhattan, I grabbed my camera and went to take a look.  I wasn’t disappointed, and posted some of the best shots above. By now, readers of this blog know that I photograph aging musicians and …Read More

Geriatrics, Art, and Ancient Treasure on Lake Titicaca

I recently traveled to the Bolivian highlands and Lake Titicaca to find new faces of aging, and on the way discovered an exquisite example of ancient treasure featuring geriatrics and art. The Pariti Ceramics Museum was not listed in my guidebook.  In fact, Pariti Island where the museum is located is so small it is unmarked on most maps.  I learned out about it from my …Read More

City Diary: What’s Going On Downtown?

The Occupy Wall Street demonstration, that’s what. There’s been so much press about the goings on downtown that I went to see for myself and share some photos on my blog.  I took the subway to Wall Street, and once I got off the demonstrators were not hard to find.  They started occupying Zucotti Park in September, and the movement has grown and attracted national …Read More

Medical Education, Geriatrics, and the Humanities

The education of today’s physicians cannot be regarded as complete or adequate without substantial exposure to geriatrics.  It is not just the facts of geriatric medicine, but the humanistic aspect of its practice that is important.  Medicine is taught as a cut-and-dry collection of information, taking the humanistic fundamentals and historic background either for granted or with a grain of salt.  Lewis Thomas pointed out …Read More

Skin: An Essential Organ

Skin: An Essential Organ is Chapter 4 in Wound Care Esentials: Practice Principles, published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.  The 3rd Edition of this book was just released in September 2011.  This chapter was co-authored by Dr. Jeffrey M Levine with Sharon Baranoski, MSN, RN, CWCN, Elizabeth A. Ayello PhD, RN, ACNS-BC, and Marjana Tomic-Canic PhD, RN. Wound Care Essentials is a popular textbook for …Read More

Aging Across America Goes to Sturgis

The elderly grandmother struggled to get her leg over the saddle of her Harley, and looked up at me a bit chagrined.  “I just had my knee replaced and still having some trouble,” she said. The event was Sturgis, perhaps the largest motorcycle rally in America, and this lady was one of hundreds of older cycle enthusiasts, some of whom have been coming every year for decades.  …Read More

A Glimpse of Manhattan After 9/11

As the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001 rolls around, I searched my negatives for photos I took in the days after the disaster.  They were in storage and I scanned some of them for this post, which is dedicated to the memory of the people who died in the destruction.  I included a shot of the Twin Towers taken from Jersey City where I lived years before …Read More