Dr. Levine is a nationally recognized expert in wound care and pressure ulceration. and has published and spoken widely on this topic. He is a Board Member of the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP). Dr. Levine's Pocket Guide to Pressure Ulcers co-authored by Elizabeth Ayello RN and published by the New Jersey Hospital Association is in its 4th printing and has sold over 30,000 copies.

Updated Pressure Ulcer Guide Goes into Second Printing

The Pocket Guide to Pressure ulcers authored by myself and Elizabeth Ayello RN PhD has sold over 11,000 copies and is now going into its second printing.  Published by the New Jersey Hospital Association, the new version has been updated with consideration of Centers for Medicare


Geriatrics by Legislation: The Trend of the Future?

Recently Governor Paterson signed a law that mandates New York doctors to offer balanced information on choices for end-of-life care – a step in line with principles of geriatric practice and informed decision making.  All nursing homes are already mandated by regulation to perform assessments for


Downloadable Resources for MDS 3.0 Section M: Skin Conditions

I received so many inquiries about resources for skin assessment in the nursing home that I devoted this blog post to providing links and downloads useful to wound care clinicians.  Below you can access PDFs which contain important information related to skin, pressure ulcer, and wound assessment that will be helpful to nurses, doctors,


Determining the Avoidability of Pressure Ulcers

One of the biggest challenges in caring for patients with pressure ulcers from a risk-management  standpoint is determining whether the ulcer was avoidable.  The National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel has recently come out with a statement that “Not all pressure ulcers are avoidable.”  As a reference


Geriatrics Review Syllabus Audio Companion: Review Of Pressure Ulcers

January 8, 2011 The Geriatrics Review Syllabus (GRS7) Audio Companion is designed to keep professionals up to date on geriatric medicine, and also for doctors who are preparing for Board Examinations.  Dr. Jeffrey Levine recorded the audio version of a review of pressure ulcers for the


Dr. Jeffrey M. Levine has authored numerous articles on topics related to healthcare of the elderly. These include medical history, prevention and treatment of chronic wounds such as pressure ulcers, elder neglect and abuse, and physical restraints. He has also edited a book on legal and regulatory aspects of nursing homes.