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Archive for March, 2010

Wound Care: What About Larval Therapy?

Myiasis is the medical term for infestation with the larvae of a fly, also known as maggots.  The image of maggots in modern society is the exact opposite of health and cleanliness.  Indeed, unintended myiasis in a healthcare facility is a frequent precursor of a negligence or malpractice lawsuit.  Despite their repugnant image, there are companies that sell fly larvae for use in the care of …Read More

Shakespeare, the Diversity of Aging, and the Need for Geriatrics

The plays of William Shakespeare written in the sixteenth century reflected the culture and opinions of his time.  In Shakespeare’s day, life expectancy was in the 30’s, and Shakespeare himself lived to the old age of 52.  In contrast to today’s population, very few people lived into the 80s and 90s.  Throughout Shakespeare’s works there are quotations which echo the universal human dimensions of growing …Read More

New Pocket Guide to Pressure Ulcers

A new wound guide written specifically for clinicians has just been released.  The complete title is “Pocket Guide to Pressure Ulcers: How to Classify, Stage, and Document Pressure Ulcers and Other Common Wounds.” Written by me and Elizabeth Ayello RN, PhD, and published by the New Jersey Hospital Association, the guide has been over two years in development.  It is intended to help clinicians stage pressure ulcers and correctly …Read More

Pocket Guide To Pressure Ulcers And Other Common Wounds Seen In Clinical Practice

This pocket guide to pressure ulcers sold over 30,000 copies in its first year of publication. This book is designed for clinicians who need quick access to information to help with wound identification and staging.  Richly illustrated with line drawings and photographs, and laminated for durability, any clinician treating chronic wounds will find this guide helpful.  The book covers pressure ulcer prevention, staging, diagnosis of …Read More

Parsley, My Geriatric Dog

My medical specialty is taking care of elderly people, but lately I’ve become attuned to problems taking care of an elderly dog.  Parsley, my 18 pound Norfolk Terrier, is now fourteen human years, or 98 dog years old.   He’s had his share of medical problems includ- ing knee injuries, bladder stones, and metal objects in his stomach, but age-related issues have developed in the past …Read More

Peripheral Arterial Disease is Underdiagnosed in the Elderly

When ulcers of the lower extremity develop, it is important to find out why. Many ulcers develop over boney prominences which are subjected to pressure, and are therefore labeled as pressure ulcers. However, one common etiology of lower extremity wounds is frequently not considered, particularly in elderly persons. This is atherosclerotic disease of the lower limbs, also called peripheral arterial disease, or PAD. The term …Read More